Saturday, January 28, 2012

Contraband - Movie Review

Mark Wahlberg's latest action vehicle has him playing Chris Farraday, a former smuggler who is drawn back in to the business to protect his brother in law from a crime lord that wants to be repaid for a deal gone bad. With his family in jeopardy and friendships on the line, Farraday takes off for Panama to retrieve millions of dollars worth of counterfeit bills in a score that will hopefully pay off for everyone involved.

There is no doubt that Wahlberg can carry a picture and he is at his best when the lead character is called upon to do some serious ass kicking. 'Contraband' has not shortage of fighting, arguing, shooting, yelling, crashing, and exploding and that is more than enough to balance out a predictable story that plays out exactly as you think it will.

The supporting cast is serviceable with Giovanni Ribisi acting crazy, Ben Foster doing his best Ryan Gosling impression, and Kate Beckinsale not doing nearly enough. It would have been nice to see her a little more involved in the story rather than just being a motivational plot device for Wahlberg's character.

My favorite all time movie role of Mark Wahlberg's is Sergeant Dignam from 'The Departed' and he brings a little bit of that character's swagger to Chris Farraday. Its great to see him really sink his teeth in to a roll although he is still a little more subdued than I would have liked.

Even with some obvious flaws, 'Contraband' is still a fun movie to watch and is a good way to get your action fix during a time of the year when there's not much going on in the theaters.

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