Monday, January 30, 2012

The Book of Eli - Movie Review

This movie was an early contender to be one of my favorites but I thought it might get lost over the course of the year’s releases since it had a January release date. I was most impressed with how visually striking this movie was. Every scene was beautifully shot and it seemed like each frame could have made for a movie poster quality image. The Hughes brothers were definitely on their game and a special nod goes to director of photography Don Burgess.

Of course, a movie featuring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman as the main characters will not be short on acting and both men put on very good performances. Also, Mila Kunis was surprisingly good in her role as I was half expecting her to look and act like her character from That 70’s Show. Denzel plays the character of Eli who is travelling west in a post apocalyptic world on a mission to bring a sacred book to what he believes is the promised lands along the coast.

The antagonist here is Gary Oldman who plays the man in charge of a small old west style town. He sees the value and danger in the written word, especially in tat of the Bible and is on a mission to find any copy that may remain in the world as he feels its words could lead him to more and more power.

The story itself stuck with me and I did watch it again after it was released on video. This second viewing was especially interesting for a reason that I will not divulge here as it pertains to a certain plot point that is revealed late in the movie. Even aside from this fact it remained a very entertaining film that I am glad to say still made my list of 2010 favorite movies after over 11 months of competition.

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