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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Movie Review

The Movie: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

The Director: Jason Woliner

The Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Irina Novak, Luenell 

The Story: Follow-up film to the 2006 comedy centering on the real-life adventures of a fictional Kazakh television journalist named Borat.

On the Rocks - Movie Review

The Movie: On the Rocks

The Director: Sofia Coppola

The Cast: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans, Jenny Slate, 

The Story: A young mother reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father on an adventure through New York.

Monday, October 19, 2020

A Ghost Waits - Movie Review

The Movie: A Ghost Waits

The Director: Adam Stovall

The Cast: MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker, Sydney Vollmer, Amanda Miller

The Story: Jack's job is to fix up the house. Spectral agent Muriel's eternal task is to haunt it. They should be enemies, but they become fascinated by one another.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Bullets of Justice - Movie Review

The Movie: Bullets of Justice

The Director: Valeri Milev

The Cast: Danny Trejo, Timur Turisbekov, Yana Marinova, Dessy Slavova, Doroteya Toleva, Ester Chardaklieva

The Story: In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of World War 3, an army of half-human half-pig super-soldiers takes over the world.

Death of Nintendo - 2020 LAAPFF Movie Review

The Movie: Death of Nintendo

The Director: Raya Martin

The Cast: Noel Comia Jr., Agot Isidro, Moi Marcampo, John Vincent Servilla, Mailes Kanapi, Nikki Valdez, Elijah Alejo, Kim Chloe Oquendo

The Story: In the early 1990s, a teenager and his gang of friends enjoy their summer playing games as they grow up.

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