Friday, May 12, 2023

Year of the Fox - 2023 SIFF Capsule Review

The Movie: Year of the Fox

The Director: Megan Griffiths

The Cast: Sarah Jeffery, Jane Adams, Jake Weber, Balthazar Getty

The Story: The story follows Ivy, a teenager navigating Aspen's party scene amidst her adoptive parents' bitter divorce. As she watches her community provide cover for predatory behavior, Ivy struggles to find her path without losing herself.

Capsule Review: 
Megan Griffiths has been a local filmmaking icon here in Seattle for years and her work in a lot of ways has influenced the style and type of movies that come out of the region. This, her latest effort, is the type of coming of age story that is more of a wake up call to some of the harsh realities of parenting and growing into adulthood. Definitely worth watching for the extremely well written screenplay and strong performances across the board, especially from Sarah Jeffery in the lead role.

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