Monday, January 30, 2012

Tangled - Movie Review

Sometimes you go in to a movie hopeful that it will be a good effort especially when it is coming from Disney Animation who, over the years, has given us classic films ranging from Snow White to Beauty and the Beast, but even with that history behind it, you are skeptical of what you are about to watch.

That is the feeling I had going in to Tangled mainly because I didn’t know much about the story itself and it seemed that Disney had made a mistake in targeting the marketing of the film to boys by focusing on the lead male character of Flynn Rider rather than Rapunzel who is the true star of the movie.

This may have ultimately been a good thing as Tangled was able to sneak up on audiences and became a huge surprise hit during the important holiday movie season. For me, the thing that hit home the most was how Tangled just felt like a classic Disney movie in the same way The Little Mermaid and Alladin just have that special something you can’t quite put your finger on but Disney seems to have available in bucket loads.

The two main characters of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are played by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi respectively and they are able to bring these two to life in a fun and likeable way. Along for the ride are two of the best animal characters Disney has put on screen in a long time with Rapunzel’s pet chameleon named Pascal and a Palace Guard horse named Maximus. Each of them have personalities that are strong and both are very entertaining in their own way.

As for the story, you get the classic fairy tale princess who has been unknowingly imprisoned her whole life and hidden away from her royal family by an evil woman named Mother Goethel who is secretly raising her as her own daughter. Add in the characters mentioned before along with a strong cast if supporting roles then mix in some very good Disney musical numbers and you have one of the best non-Pixar Disney animated movies in a long time.

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