Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 Best of the Web

These are the movie related websites, videos, and other internet things that gave me the most pleasure and/or helped me to kill the most time over the course of 2011. A couple are rather prestigious, most are humorous, and all are just flat out entertaining.

Best Movie Related Website:

The rejects have become my go to source for movie information including breaking news, movie reviews, opinion pieces, and all the latest trailers. This website is also an inspiration for what my own blog might some day resemble and I love how the articles and columns all have a certain style and attitude about them that makes for some really fun and entertaining reading.

Best Movie Trailer of 2011:
The most anticipated trailer of 2011 featured the most anticipated movie of 2012 and the Dark Knight Rises trailer absolutely nailed it. The video went viral almost instantly as everyone and their mom viewed it at least once and dedicated fanboys studied every second looking for clues as to what secrets might be uncovered about the 'end of a legend'.

"When Gotham is have my permission to die."

Best Use of the Internet by a Composer:
Hans Zimmer, composer for all three of Christopher Nolan's batman movies, decided to recruit everybody that uses the internet to be a part of his musical score. A preliminary version of the worldwide chant can be heard in the trailer above. You know you want to watch it again anyway, so now here's a good excuse.

Best Star Wars Related Video:
Words can not describe just how awesome this video by The Piano Guys is so you will just have to watch it for yourself.

Most Explosive Website:
Want to blow stuff up? Click the link. Hit the button. Enjoy!

Best 'Bayhem' Breakdown:
This is a series of charts posted on that breaks down the awesomeness and explosiveness of every Michael Bay movie. There's a lot more than just the one pie chart below so CLICK HERE to experience 'Bayhem' for yourself.

Best Music Video/YouTube Sensation:
Right now, some of you are most likely trying to figure out what just happened to this blog post, but yes that is Rebecca Black's 'Friday' video right there on the screen before you and labelled best music video!
This, of course, is somewhat tongue in cheek, but at the same time, I spent a few moments every Friday for about eight months sharing this video with all of my friends on the Facebook. After a while, and even recently, people would send messages and comments wondering where the video was when I hadn't got around to posting it yet. Thank you Miss Black for making a fun video that everyone could enjoy.

My Very Own YouTube Sensation:

Sure, this video was originally posted in 2010, but it is my own footage and the YouTube page has almost 100,000 views!

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