Sunday, October 18, 2020

Bullets of Justice - Movie Review

The Movie: Bullets of Justice

The Director: Valeri Milev

The Cast: Danny Trejo, Timur Turisbekov, Yana Marinova, Dessy Slavova, Doroteya Toleva, Ester Chardaklieva

The Story: In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of World War 3, an army of half-human half-pig super-soldiers takes over the world.

The Review:
Okay, so if there was ever a movie made to having you saying "What the F**k!" from start to finish, it might be this one. It's like the film makers said every scene needs to have something in it that is super weird, unexpected, and makes no sense. Exploitation films often feature far fetched scenarios and plots that don't make a lot of sense, all they need is just enough of a thread to allow for some semblance of story to play out while all the crazy stuff happens.

One thing I am going to tell you is that Danny Trejo has a very minimal presence in this movie and I mean maybe just a couple minutes total screen time. This was a bot disappointing as I was really looking forward to seeing him take on hordes of pig mutant soldiers in violent and bloody fashion although Timur Turisbekov who co-wrote the story, was definitely up to the task as the lead character Rob Justice.

The story, such as it is, doesn't make a whole lot of sense which, as we've established, isn't really that big of a deal, it's just fun to watch all the bloody action, gratuitous sex, and general wackiness you might expect from exploitation cinema. Bullets of Justice does justice to the genre although more Danny Trejo would have been nice.

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