Friday, October 16, 2020

In Case of Emergency - Documentary Review

The Documentary: In Case of Emergency

The Director: Carolyn Jones

The Story: Follows emergency nurses and their patients in seven unique settings across the U.S from urban to rural, shedding light on some of the biggest health care crises facing Americans today.

The Review:
I think right now, it's especially important to understand the daily lives and hourly struggles of nurses across the nation who are the lifeblood of our health care system. This documentary travels across the country to find some of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals in an industry that has seen events this year that have put a spotlight on their efforts.

Director Carolyn Jones does a good job of showing every facet of what nurses do and what they mean to the world of medicine and patient care. They are the first people patients see as they enter the hospital and they are often the ones who have the most interaction with them as well during an experience that is usually traumatic in some way and often life changing as well.

I liked that this wasn't just a stream of talking heads, we get to see nurses in action from treating patients fresh out of an ambulance to others who interact with their patients and their community in ways that go above and beyond their actual job description. The individual stories are great and it was very interesting to see the ins and outs of this unsung profession, it really makes you appreciate who they are and what they do day in and day out.

Towards the end of the documentary, Jones shows the impact the pandemic has had on the nursing community and the profession as a whole and how the stress, never ending hours, and endless stream of patients takes its toll on even the most dedicated and steadfast nurses you will find. The pandemic has had such a huge impact and taken such a startling toll on everyone and especially nurses and we are nowhere near the end. I hope this documentary can serve as a reminder for all of us to treat each other with compassion and care.

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