Monday, October 12, 2020

Nocturne - Movie Review

The Movie: Nocturne

The Director: Zu Quirke 

The Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Madison Iseman, Jacques Colimon, Ivan Shaw

The Story: An incredibly gifted pianist makes a Faustian bargain to overtake her older sister at a prestigious institution for classical musicians.

The Review:
Nocturne is a part of Welcome to the Blumhouse, an anthology of unique and unsettling thrillers showcasing diverse casts led by emerging filmmakers, including several female directors. Produced by Blumhouse and available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, the first four films in the series will be released in October 2020, with four more titles set to arrive in 2021.

I really liked the idea of this movie and the devilish dealings that take the characters down such a dark path. Everything is set up nicely as we see a young woman mysteriously take her own life and then we are introduced to the next, I guess we'll say, inevitable victim. Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman are paired up as extremely talented sisters, the older of which, Vivian played by Iseman, has always seemed to have the upper hand when it comes to ability and charisma. 

While I liked everything about the movie, there seemed to be something missing while I was watching. It was like all of it was good but nothing stood out as great whether it be the performances, the dialog, the cinematography, or whatever. It was all just okay. None of it bad by any means, I just couldn't connect like I was hoping to. Could be a case of it was me, not you like maybe I just wasn't in the mood or was too tired or something. Or maybe the movie is just okay.

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