Saturday, October 31, 2020

TwoOhSix Podcast - Special Halloween Horror Edition with the Creators of The Old Ways

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The creators of The Old Ways, director Christopher Alender, writer Marcos Gabriel, and lead actress Brigitte Kali Canales, sat down virtually with the TwoOhSix Podcast to discuss their movie. This was a super fun interview and we had a great time discussing some really strange and interesting topics about how the movie was made as well as some of Brigitte's interesting career choices. Here's just a couple examples:
  • Why would Brigitte sign up for a movie knowing her character gets tortured?
  • Christopher explains what Aztec Death Whistles are and how they were added to the movie
  • Marcos won't like your Instagram post but he will meet you for coffee
  • Brigitte reveals how she didn't know she was auditioning for Star Wars until she got the role!
  • Is The Old Ways a new way of introducing a badass demon hunting action hero?
Thank you to Christopher, Marcos, and Brigitte for taking the time to discuss the movie and thank you to Accolade PR for helping to bring everyone together for this special Halloween Horror edition of the podcast. And of course thank you for listening to the TwoOhSix Podcast!

The Old Ways is a horror movie from Soapbox Films that recently premiered at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain. The movie is a new twist on the classic exorcism story and goes deep into Mexican folklore to create an original and truly scary experience

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