Saturday, November 16, 2019

Blood Machines - 2019 Hawaii International Film Festival Movie Review

The Movie: Blood Machines

The Director: Seth Ickerman

The Cast: Elisa Lasowski, Anders Heinrichsen, Christian Erickson, Natasha Cashman, Joëlle Berckmans, Noémie Stevens, Alexandra Flandrin, Garance Silve and Walter Dickerson

The Story: An artificial intelligence escapes her spaceship to turn into a female ghost and challenges two blade runners to a galactic chase.

The Review:
There is so much 1980's era science fiction influence woven into this movie and all of it is amazing. The story itself is pretty simple with the classic rise of artificial intelligence at its core, but it's the way that the story is presented is what makes it so fascinating. There are hints of Ice Pirates, Ghost in the Shell, Tron, Alien, and just about any low budget, late night cable, straight to VHS science fiction movie you can think of along with lots of female nudity if you are into that sort of thing. Think Cortana from Halo but more of a blatantly naked female form.

The visual are pretty mind blowing and, even created as an indie style production, some of it could easily hold its own when stacked up next to other films like Guardians of the Galaxy which also hearkens back to that same visual style. The run time is less than an hour so the film makers waste no time with long scenes filled with crummy dialog and exposition because who has time for all that nonsense. They just throw you right into the story and get things rolling right through to the holy crap balls crazy conclusion.

Blood Machines is a mind blowing science fiction adventure that holds nothing back in its gratuitously fun throwback style. If you want to take a deep dive into some real scifi storytelling then this is the movie you've been waiting for.

Blood Machines is an official selection of the 2019 Hawaii International Film Festival.

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