Saturday, November 2, 2019

TwoOhSix Picks - 2019 Romanian Film Festival

In case you weren't aware, the city of Seattle has non stop schedule of film festivals throughout the year thanks to SIFF, the Northwest Film Forum, and many other film related organizations, most of which are in business as non profits. The 2019 Romanian Film Festival is organized by the American Romanian Cultural Society in partnership with the SIFF Cinemas Uptown Theatre and, thanks to crowdfunding efforts, will be enjoying their largest version of the festival ever.

The festival runs from Friday November 15th through Sunday the 17th with a full slate of both short and feature films available. Below you will find the four films that have qualified as this year's TwoOhSix Picks, the movies you do not want to miss.

Moon Hotel Kabul directed by Anca Damian
Florin Piersic Jr., who will be attending the festival, plays a cynical reported who gets mixed up in the truths and fictions that surround his profession. The drama won the Best Director Award at the 2018 Warsaw International Film Festival.

Donbass directed by Sergey Loznitsa
This award winning drama takes place in the Eastern Ukraine where separatist gangs are engaging in political warfare. The tactics of propaganda and hatred are used to sow seeds of dissent and discontent among the citizens and are really a metaphor for the world we live in today.

That Trip We Took With Dad
Directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu
This movie seems to use comedy to smooth the rough edges of the political state and wartime maneuvers of eastern Europe during the late 60's. I'm expecting this to be a fun road trip movie with some serious messages and statements packed into the narrative.

The Escape directed by Andrei Gruzsnickzki
Just as he began the festival on opening night, Florin Piersic Jr. stars in this closing night film about a Romanian journalist who faces the consequences of going outside the communist party laws about what and where he is allowed to post. This 2013 drama won all kinds of awards including best actor or Piersic Jr.

For more information on these and any other movies playing during the festival or to purchase tickets, please visit the official 2019 Romanian Film Festival website.

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