Thursday, November 21, 2019

21 Bridges - Movie Review

The Movie: 21 Bridges

The Directors: Brian Kirk

The Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons, Stephan James, Taylor Kitsch, Keith David, Alexander Siddig

The Story: An embattled NYPD detective is thrust into a citywide manhunt for a pair of cop killers after uncovering a massive and unexpected conspiracy.

The Review:
Chadwick Boseman is a leading man in search of a role that will elevate him passed just being known as the Black Panther and, while this movie is solid, it does not provide him with nearly enough firepower to get him up to that level this time around. Director Brian Kirk's New York set crime thriller really doesn't provide anything we haven't seen before and the story is pretty basic with criminals on the run and entangled with crooked cops who are all being sorted out by the one righteous person who is determined to win the day for justice.

Fortunately, this movie has a pretty strong cast headlined by Boseman and a supporting cast that includes J.K. Simmons, Sienna Miller, and Taylor Kitsch. Simmons is always fantastic in everything he does and this movie is no exception, Miller absolutely nails her performance as a narcotics officer who, based on her accent and mannerisms, is New York through and through, and Kitsch gets to shoot lots of people so yeah, he has that going for him.

21 Bridges is a solid crime thriller and a throwback to similar films from the 70's and 80's that accomplishes what it sets out to do by playing it safe and sticking with tried and true formulas. The movie is being touted as a Russo Brothers production although it doesn't come anywhere near the level of film making they have put into their Marvel products although it really doesn't need to.

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