Sunday, May 26, 2019

Retrospekt - SIFF 2019 Movie Review

The Movie: Retrospekt

The Director: Esther Rots

The Cast: Circe Lethem, Martijn van der Veen, Lien Wildemeersch, Teun Luijkx, Rian Gerritsen

The Story: Puzzle-like psychological drama about a domestic violence support worker .

The Review:
From the opening moments, you know exactly what you're going to see at the end of the movie and jumping back and forth through different periods of time did nothing to make the journey less tedious or interesting in any way. Telling a story in a non linear fashion can be a risk and, in this case, it added nothing and provided no build up. I will say that both Circé Lethem as Mette and Lien Wildemeersch as Lee Miller were pretty fantastic in their respective roles and their performances were pretty much the only thing that kept me in my seat.

Retrospekt is an official selection of the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.

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