Sunday, May 19, 2019

El Ángel - SIFF 2019 Capsule Review

The Movie: El Ángel

The Director: Luis Ortega

The Cast: Lorenzo Ferro, Chino Darin, Mercedes Moran, Daniel Fanego, Luis Gnecco

The Story: The angelic face of Carlos, a 17-year-old teenager, hides a dark facet of robberies, lies and murders.

The Review:
I wish Hollywood had the balls to make this type of movie. Director and co-writer Luis Ortega's latest creation is a daringly slick look into the mind of a teenager who just doesn't give a shit about rules and steps right over the laws and proprieties of 1970's Argentina. First time actor Lorenzo Ferro is absolutely brilliant playing Carlos aka El Ángel, the lead character who is as sexy and full of swagger as he is deadly and irreverent.

El Ángel is an official selection of the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.

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