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2018 Recap - The Documentaries

Normally, documentaries aren't in my wheelhouse when it comes to movie watching, but whenever I have a chance to check one out, I am usually glad I did and quite often very impressed. In 2018 most of my documentary viewing (14 total) came from film festivals and there were a couple gems that really stuck with me. Out of the 14, I have picked six to be this year's nominees for TwoOhSix 2018 Favorite Documentary.

  • Bee Nation is a must watch documentary. It is inspiring, it is heartwarming, it is entertaining, and the messages of hope, family, and youthful optimism will stick with you for a long time.
  • Campesino is is a beautifully filmed documentary about a man who has beautifully photographed the people of a small yet well known town called Vinales in Cuba for fifteen years.
  • Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit - If you love cats, you are going to be in awe of the constant kitty cuteness and the endless supply of furry feline fun.
  • People's Republic of Desire - Director Hao Wu goes deep into this exploding internet culture and comes out with quite a bit more humanity than you might expect.
  • The Return - For her debut feature film, Malene Choi has created a sort of hybrid fictional documentary that is based on her own life experience as well as the experience of people who we see interviewed in the film.
  • Shirkers is a wonderfully crafted documentary that nails the heart and soul of indie film struggles and shows how anyone, anywhere can have the potential to create, or in this case almost create, something truly magical.

Which of these films will be selected as's Favorite Documentary of 2018? Watch for my awards post to find out. The list below is a recap of all the other documentaries I watched this year including links to reviews for each film.

Behind the Curve directed by Daniel J. Clark

Thank you for following along on this journey and watch for more 2018 recaps including the awards post where you will see which films and performances came out on top from several categories including favorite documentary.

2018 Recaps:

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