Wednesday, April 24, 2024

TheTwoOhSix Picks - 2024 Seattle International Film Festival

50 years of movies thanks to the Seattle International Film Festival! What an amazing achievement for one of the world's most unique film festivals and I am proud to say that this is my 12th year covering the event as a member of the press. I have watched and reviewed so many movies during and for the festival, at some point I'll have to take a look back to see what my all time favorites are. In the meantime, here are the 12 (in honor of my years of coverage) feature films that I feel are the ones you absolutely do not want to miss.

The Primevals directed by David Allen

You'll notice pretty quickly that I lean towards genres like horror and science fiction and Asian cinema although I do try to mix things up a bit. This list is basically what I want to watch the most out of all the available films. I hope they are all as great as they look and I hope you give them a shot and enjoy them as much as I hope to. I'm also working on scheduling a few interviews during the festival so watch for more info on that real soon!

(links take you to each film's official SIFF page)

TheTwoOhSix Picks:

Visit the official SIFF How to Fest web page for detailed info on how to make the most of your festival experience.

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