Sunday, December 9, 2018

I Am Paul Walker - Documentary Review

The Documentary: I Am Paul Walker

The Director: Adrian Buitenhuis

The Story: Documentary examining the life of the late actor Paul Walker.

The Review:
Even if there was a bad thing to say about this documentary, I doubt I could bring myself to point it out. Director Adrian Buitenhuis paints a picture of the late Paul Walker that peels away layers of the privacy the reluctant actor so carefully cultivated over the years and gives viewers a glimpse at who the man behind the Hollywood lights really was. The story is told in a way that minimizes the fatal accident without lessening its impact and focuses on family, friends, and Walker's reluctance when it came to being a Hollywood mega star.

Did you know Walker was up for the role of Superman in DC's cinematic universe? He got as far as screen testing in costume before deciding it wasn't for him. These are the types of things we get to learn from this documentary as the film makers do a great job of respectfully turning over the stones of Walker's private life through interviews with those closest to him. His philanthropy was unending yet never advertised and he cared so deeply about the people he knew and the causes he fought for.

Paul Walker's goal was to leave the world a better place than he found it and he certainly achieved that endeavor. The sad thing about his passing is that, while he had all the success anyone could ever have, time is the one thing that he did not have enough of. That being said, this documentary will help to inspire generations to come and his legacy will live forever.

I Am Paul Walker is now available on home video formats.
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