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2018 Recap - The Performances

2018 was an impressive year for the film industry with so many great movies and lots of outstanding performances as well. After compiling my nomination list, I realized that the ladies were definitely leading the way this year so I decided to go with female actors in all of the available nomination slots. After scouring all the films I watched this seemed appropriate and an honest appraisal as I couldn't find any men who matched the ten women who were chosen.

In addition to the nominations, I have included a few special categories to start things off. The amazing actresses and actors listed below come from all over the world including England, Mexico, Italy, Japan, and Oakland and a Bay Area duo is where we will start things off.

Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal poured a lifetime of memories, experience, emotion, passion, creativity, and artistry into creating a story that will have a lasting impact on anyone who watches it. They have connected on something truly special by showing vulnerability and humanity in a world where there should be none.

Anthony Therrien as Théo and Rose-Marie Perreault as Mag make for a pretty magical combination. When they look at each other, you see them slowly falling in love. You can feel the awkward tension and nervous energy melting away with each touch or playful joke. They just get each other.

Representation in cinema is so important and this movie does everything it can to let Asian people see themselves both on screen and behind the scenes in a major Hollywood production without stereotypes or overused tropes that have been the norm for decades.

The primary character in this story is a young socialite mistress who finds herself in a really bad situation during what is supposed to be an all guys weekend hunting trip. After a series of escalating events leads to her being abused, discarded, and left for dead, this surprisingly resilient woman resurrects and recreates herself into a deadly, revenge seeking, killing machine. This amazing transformation is brought to life by Matilda Lutz who really held nothing back in her performance and the result is one of the more iconic genre characters we've seen in a long time.

2018 Favorite Performance Nominees

Ella Hunt - Anna and the Apocalypse
Ella perfectly portrays the reluctantly brave hero who just happens to belt out Broadway style show tunes while bashing zombie brains with candy cane lawn ornaments.

Emily Bett Rickards - Funny Story
The work she does in this film is really impressive and her honesty with this character gave me a sense that it was a very important role for her to play. I would say her character has the most to deal with emotionally from beginning to end and she handles it all quite beautifully.

Emily Blunt - Mary Poppins
The way she grabs hold of the character and makes it her own while still being spot on perfect to the style and personality that Andrews embodied is an absolute treat to watch and I imagine she may earn some nominations when the time comes.

Kelly MacDonald - Puzzle
Kelly MacDonald is absolutely adorable and gives an incredibly captivating performance.

Rachel McAdams - Game Night
After the movie was over, my friend and I agreed that Rachel McAdams has to be one of the most likable people in Hollywood. It's super cool that she can handle just about any genre she takes on but her work in this movie was especially impressive.

Rina Kawaei - For Love's Sake / 映画「恋のしずく」
The star of the movie is clearly Rina Kawaei who plays the lead character Shiori in such a lovably subtle way, you can't help but relate to her every move.

Sakura Ando - Shoplifters
At times, her character is a bubbly young woman without a care in the world but then, in other moments she is forced to be a mother figure to the kids and especially to Yuri who she ends up desperately caring for as if the little girl represents a life Nobuyo will never have a chance to fully realize.

Let's talk about Toni Collette for just a brief second. Best Actress Oscar Nomination. She deserves it. End of story.

Aparicio is such a delight to watch on screen as she completely embodies the character and inhabits each moment as if it was her own life being displayed on screen.

Having to be the centerpiece of a 37 minute single take short film and then expanding the character over the rest of the movie had to be a challenging task and she gives it everything she has.

Stay tuned for the 2018 Awards Post to find out which of these actors will earn the title of 2018 Favorite Performance. Thank you for following along on this journey and check out my other 2018 Recaps:

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