Thursday, June 21, 2018

Feral - Movie Review

The Movie: Feral

The Director: Mark Young

The Cast: Scout Taylor-Compton, Olivia Luccardi, Lew Temple, Renee Olstead, Brock Kelly, Landry Allbright, George Finn

The Story: Students fight to survive a weekend in the woods.

The Review:
This is one of those horror movies that tries to put a new pin on the zombie genre by creating a new type of zombie and letting it loose on a tried and true backdrop, in this case the classic cabin in the woods. Mark Young is pretty straight forward in letting you know that this is not going to be an attempt to reinvent the wheel by taking his feral zombies, throwing them into the woods and bringing in a group of college students to be their inevitable victims.

The interaction between characters is inconsequential as they are all there for one reason so getting to know their inner beings and group dynamics is given a quick once over before the thrashing and dismembering begins. Oh, and there's also the creepy guy who lives in the cabin and has isolated himself from society to the point where he becomes a prime suspect in whatever wrong doing may take place that doesn't directly involve a zombie tearing someone's intestines out.

Speaking of intestines, we get to see a lot of them although the overall gore factor and blood splattering isn't quite as pervasive I thought it might be. The movie could have benefited from a bit more bloodshed and body parts flying around but as it was everything still works. The effects are mostly practical giving it a bit of an 80's feel to it which is nice and there's never a point where you're pulled out of the story by some wildly outlandish special effect.

The Verdict:
Feral is a fun trip through familiar territory that doesn't disappoint but at the same time won't have you jumping out of your seat. I did enjoy watching it although I'm afraid it's going to fade away pretty quickly as the summer movie season moves along. Genre fans will definitely want to check this movie out.

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