Thursday, August 22, 2013

You're Next - Movie Review

After having to wait two years for its release, audiences finally get to see You're Next which has promised to be the most outrageous slasher film in a long time. Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, Wendy Glenn, and AJ Bowen star in a movie directed by horror expert Adam Wingard.

Classic slasher movie set up:

Family and friends gather in a newly purchased old house set deep in a secluded forest area. The family of course, doesn't necessarily get along and there are secrets among them that may tear them apart if revealed. Enter masked attackers with axes, crossbows, and hunting knives and the family is in for a night they will most likely not survive. Finally, there is the one unexpected entry who, while seemingly innocent in nature turns out to be the one thing that can unravel the evil plot.

What starts out as a free for all slaughter fest turns into an all out fight for survival in a movie that knows exactly when to push the limits without becoming so outrageous it loses all credibility. Make no mistake, this movie does not try to go deep into character development nor does it really care about maintaining even a minimum level of acting quality. Seriously, the first 15 minutes are so terrible that it every bit of dialog becomes laughable. Fortunately, that nonsense is brought to a screeching halt with an arrow to the head and, from then on, all bets are completely off as the movie instantly kicks into high gear.

What you will enjoy most about this movie, assuming you like this type of stuff, is just how in your face and brutal every kick, punch, stab, poke, slash, hack, and chop is throughout the 94 minute run time. This movie is not for the squeamish as skulls get bashed in, throats get sliced open, and knives get jabbed into so many body parts you begin to get delirious from the wonderful craziness of it all. Wingard is very aware that he has made a fun slasher movie that hits most of the right notes you want to experience in a roller coaster ride like this one turns out to be.

The one area where the film was lacking was in not having any armrest grabbing, tension-filled scenes that literally keep you on edge and there were also none of the essential jump-out-of-your-seat type scary moments anywhere to be found. Slowing things down just for a moment or two to build up some of those scares would have really pushed this film into classic horror/slasher territory, but as it is, you still get a very satisfying experience. You're Next is the type of movie you should see in a crowded theater with a big bucket of popcorn to get the full effect of what becomes almost an audience participation experience with outrageous moments you won't soon forget.

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