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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cinerama 70mm Film Festival

The Cinerama Big Screen 70mm Film Festival is back! Beginning Friday, September 13th, the Cinerama will be presenting a non stop lineup of classic movies projected from genuine 70mm film prints including 2001, Spartacus, and How the West was Won. You are not going to want to miss out on these rare screenings in a format that defined the cinematic experience for generations of moviegoers.


Friday - 13th
5:30 Baraka
9:30 Vertigo

Saturday - 14th
1:30 Lawrence Of Arabia
8:00 2001

Sunday - 15th
1:30 Sound Of Music
7:00 Patton

Monday - 16th
No Shows

Tuesday - 17th
7:00 Hamlet

Wednesday - 18th
7:00 Spartacus

Thursday - 19th
7:00 Patton


Friday - 20th
3:30 Vertigo
7:30 Lawrence Of Arabia

Saturday - 21st
1:00 Spartacus
8:00 2001

Sunday - 22nd
1:30 Hamlet
8:00 Baraka

Monday - 23rd
No Shows

Tuesday - 24th
4:00 Baraka
8:00 2001

Wednesday - 25th
3:00 Patton
8:00 Vertigo

Thursday - 26th
2:00 Sound Of Music
7:00 Lawrence Of Arabia


Friday - 27th
7:30 How The West Was Won

Saturday - 28th
1:30 How The West Was Won
8:00 This Is Cinerama

Sunday - 29th
2:00 How The West Was Won

All shows and times are subject to change.

Please refer to the official Cinerama theater website for the most up to date information. The Seattle Cinerama Theater is located in the heart of downtown Seattle and features the most state of the art audio and video system around. With over 800 plush seats and a concession stand filled with all of your favorites, the Cinerama has no equal when it comes to providing the ultimate movie going experience.

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