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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ben Affleck is Batman and Man of Steel 2 Release Date

So, the fine folks behind the DC Comics cinematic universe have added the one and only Ben Affleck to their roster of talent as the caped crusader himself, Mr. Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Originally, he was rumored to be a candidate to direct the eventual Justice League movie which would be a great choice, but putting him in the role of Batman just doesn't make sense to me.

In related news, Man of Steel 2 or Batman vs. Superman, or whatever its going to be called will officially be released on July 17th. 2015.

Sure, Affleck is a great actor, but this is Bruce Wayne. You can't just throw a good actor into the role, you have to pick the right actor to play a character as complex and troubled as this one. To me, this is just another misstep in the downward spiral that is DC Comics and their plans to try and rival the overwhelming success that Marvel Studios has going with their Avengers properties.

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