Thursday, September 3, 2020

TwoOhSix Podcast: Guest Announcements - New Directions in Film

Welcome to season two of the Podcast! This series features interviews with directors about their latest projects and also about how both the pandemic and the recent protests have changed what it means to make movies. 2020 has been nothing but change so far and I wanted to find out what the impact has been on making movies. I am thankful to have been able to schedule a lineup filled with extremely talented directors just as each of their careers are set to take off. Check out the full lineup below and thank you for listening!

Episode 1: Isabel Sandoval - Tuesday, September 8th
Director of the celebrated and award winning movie Lingua Franca, Isabel Sandoval is breaking barriers left and right both as a director and as a trans woman from the Philippines. The movie can currently be seen on Netflix thanks to Array, Ava DuVernay's film distribution and resource collective.

Episode 2: Bao Tran - Tuesday, September 15th
This Vietnamese American director recently world premiered his debut feature film The Paper Tigers at the 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival. This up and coming filmmaker, who was born right here in Olympia WA, seems to have a bright future ahead of him thanks to his experience in the industry and the early success of this film.

Episode 3: Diane Paragas - Tuesday, September 22nd
After watching Yellow Rose during the 2019 Hawaii International Film Festival, I have been wanting to speak with Diane Paragas about this wonderful film so I was super excited when she agreed to be a part of this interview series. This Texas raised, Filipino-American filmmaker was recently selected for Goldhouse’s  A100 list of Most Impactful Asians of 2020 and Yellow Rose will soon be getting a nationwide theatrical release thanks to Sony Pictures.

Episode 4: Nick Naveda - Tuesday, September 29th
Nick Naveda's debut feature film Say You Will was a favorite of mine from the 2017 Seattle International Film Festival. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much I took advantage of an opportunity to sit down with him and two of the producers to discuss the film and then this year asked him to be on my podcast to discuss the new film Words on Bathroom Walls which he wrote the screenplay for.

Episode 5: So Yun Um - Tuesday, October 6th
In 2018, So Yun Um hit the festival circuit with her autobiographical short documentary film Liquor Store Babies including a stop at the 2019 Seattle Asian American Film Festival and is currently working on the full feature version which is scheduled for release in 2021. So also has a strong social media presence especially when it comes to talking about movies,  supporting her Korean American community in Los Angeles, and also expressing her love of all things K-Pop related.

Episode 6: Van Ditthavong - Tuesday, October 13th
Van Ditthavong is a director, a teacher, a producer, a business man, and just about any other title you can think of for someone who is all about their business. Born in Laos and raised in the US, Van has built an impressive resume even before releasing All Roads to Pearla, his first narrative feature film and I see nothing but success in his future.

Official Website
All Roads to Pearla
goPOP Films

There you have it, the full lineup for New Directions In Film, season two of the Podcast. Mark your calendars, tell all your friends, and subscribe to the podcast using the handy links below. Thank you for listening!

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