Friday, August 28, 2020

Sheep Without A Shepherd / 误杀 - Movie Review

The Movie: Sheep Without A Shepherd / 误杀

The Director: Sam Quah

The Cast: Joan Chen, Xiao Yang, Paul Chun, Tan Zhuo

The Story: Desperate measures are taken by a man who tries to save his family from the dark side of the law, after they commit an unexpected crime.

The Review:
This movie was inspired by a popular Indian thriller called Drishyam and, if the original is half as good as this version, they are both fantastic films. The story is smart, thrilling, inventive, and extremely entertaining and I was truly surprised when I found out that this is director Sam Quah's first feature film. The whole production has such a professional and polished look and feel with intensity and drama from beginning to end.

I have to say when I found out the legendary Joan Chen was in this movie, it quickly went straight to must see status and especially with her taking on the role of police chief La Wen, a woman who will stop at nothing to solve a case or protect her family. There's a reason Ms. Chen is held in such high regard and she does nothing in this movie to change that status. Also leading the way is Xiao Yang as Li Weijie, the father of a family who must pull off the impossible by avoiding the pursuit of chief La Wen. Li Weijie is also an avid movie watcher and uses his knowledge of crime thrillers and police drama to build an advantage over his adversaries.

The story is filled with commentary on social and political issues that plague Thailand specifically although the themes are all too familiar around the world and especially in regard to what is happening here in the US. Police oppression and economic oppression are at the forefront of the story both of which resonate specifically in the world we are living in today and are the driving force behind the actions Li Weijie takes to protect his family. It's also interesting how the community bands together against the police force as it's widely understood that proper justice is not possible.

I love how the story builds to the inevitable test of wits and wills between the two opposing families and the differences between the two are shown in very stark contrast. One family is wealthy and powerful which leads to all the arrogance and entitlement that comes with those attributes while the other family lives a much more humble life and is often at the mercy of the abuses and liberties that the other family is so inclined to take.This is where most of the drama and intensity comes from and both sides are pushed to their limits.

The Verdict:
Sheep Without A Shepherd is an extremely entertaining crime thriller with Joan Chen and Xiao Yang leading a phenomenal cast through a brilliant cat and mouse game that brings out both the best and worst of everyone involved.

Sheep Without A Shepherd is an official selection of the 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival.

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