Monday, July 20, 2020

TwoOhSix Podcast - S01/E10 - Diversity in Film with AnnaLynne McCord

Hello, friends! This is episode ten of the Diversity in Film podcast which features an interview with the one and only AnnaLynne McCord. She is currently on a mission to end slavery and human trafficking and I had the opportunity to speak with her about The Love Storm relaunch and Together 1 Heart as well as a few of her movies including Excision and A Soldier's Revenge. Listen to the interview and then prepare to join The Love Storm!

AnnaLynne McCord / Photo Credit: Edd Lukas       

AnnaLynne McCord is an American actress, writer, director and producer. She is a model, a TEDx speaker, an advocate, and an activist. My conversation with AnnaLynne McCord​ goes deep into her own personal journeys with diversity in film, mental health, and sexual assault and how those experiences have had an impact on her life and career. It was amazing and emotional to listen as she talked about how who she was as a person and what she was going through in life had a major impact and influence on the characters she created for films like Excision and A Soldier's Revenge 

AnnaLynne also discusses her involvement in the global fight against human trafficking as a co-founder of Together1heart​ with Somaly Mam as well as the upcoming virtual relaunch of The Love Storm​. Human trafficking is a cause I feel very strongly about having participated in fund raising efforts a few years ago so having an opportunity to speak with AnnaLynne about that and about diversity in film was an opportunity I am very thankful to have had. Overall, this was such an honest and intimate conversation about some very important topics and also a perfect way to wrap up this interview series.


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Thank you so much for listening to the Diversity in Film podcast series, putting it all together and having these conversations has been an incredible learning experience. I hope listening to it has been just as worthwhile for you. Stay tuned for more movie related podcast content coming real soon as well as a new interview series that is in the works. All I can say for now is that it will feature film makers who are pushing the industry in new directions.

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