Thursday, July 23, 2020

Radioactive - Movie Review

The Movie: Radioactive

The Director: Marjane Satrapi

The Cast: Rosamund Pike, Sam Riley and Anya Taylor-Joy, Yvette Feuer, Mirjam Novak

The Story: A journey through Marie Curie’s enduring legacies – her passionate partnerships, scientific breakthroughs, and the consequences that follow. 

The Review:
I kind of hate to admit that, before watching this movie, I really didn't know anything about the world famous Madame Curie other than her name so I am glad to have fixed that by watching the movie. Learning about her life, her struggles, and her triumphs was definitely worth a couple hours of my time, it was very impressive to see her dedication to pushing science forward even at the expense of just about everything around her. The story unfolds in some very interesting ways that are unique and at times confusing and I mean that from a film making perspective.

Director Marjane Satrapi made some very interesting choices on how to present this story as there's almost a mystical quality to Ms Curie's journey that's just sort of touched on and hinted at here and there. That's not to say the intent was for her to live in some fantasy world, it's more things that were stylized for dramatic effect and that's where I believe the confusion comes from for me. Ultimately, this is a film where Rosamund Pike rises above the material given to her and almost single handedly makes the movie worth watching. If it worth your time? Sire, it's a solid effort and very educational for people like me who didn't know this very important story about a woman who gave her life, her heart, and her soul to making the world a better place through science.

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