Thursday, July 30, 2020

Movie Review - Nothing But the Blood

The Movie: Nothing But the Blood

The Director: Daniel Tucker

The Cast: Rachel Hudson, Jordan O'Neal, Nick Triola, Les Best, Vivian Glazier, Austin Lynn Hall, April Hartman

The Story: A small-town journalist is sent to cover the opening of a controversial church. As the ministry digs its roots into the town and its residents, her life takes an unexpected, violent turn that will shake her foundations to their very core.

The Review:
This movie is more of a slow burn thriller than it is a straight up horror movie although the primary concept of the story can be very scary I suppose depending on your beliefs. Writer and director Daniel Tucker takes a look at how cult/religious organizations can take hold of people's lives in a way that reminded me of Red State although maybe not in as outlandish of a fashion. This movie is more of a psychological battle between two sides and mostly plays out in a dramatic fashion although for those looking for a more explosive angle to the story, your patience will be paid off by the time it is over.

In the lead role of the movie Rachel Hudson plays a woman who has a history being abused so when she takes on a story to cover this religious group that has a history of abusing women and children, she is prepared for a fight. I love how she plays the character with a strength and a resolve that says Not today, evil dudes! I'm not having it. On the opposing side, character actor Les Best is on board as the more than sufficiently creepy and overly aggressive father figure and he makes it easy for the audience to want to see him get what's coming to him.

There is an obvious intent with this movie to take shots at the modern version of organized religion, most of which are justified given the troubles that most have had over the years. Using an extreme group that is more cult than straight up church is also a good way to highlight those dark areas and use them as a vehicle for both sides to be at odds. For my part, I'm not a religious person or at least I don't buy into the concept of the modern religious structure so I was pretty on board with what this story is about although I feel like even if someone is a dedicated church goer or religious follower, it would be hard to go against the messaging of the movie as it's all pretty valid.

The Verdict:
Nothing But the Blood is a very effective cult themed horror drama that slowly builds up to a very satisfying payoff and conclusion. Clocking in at a lean and healthy one hour and thirty minutes, the story won't leave you praying for it to end although I would have liked to see more blood, especially given the movie's title. Still a very solid effort and I'm always down to support indie films whenever possible so I will encourage you to give it a shot as well.

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