Saturday, October 27, 2018

Porcupine Lake - 2018 Portland Film Festival Review

The Movie: Porcupine Lake

The Director: Ingrid Veninger

The Cast: Charlotte Salisbury, Lucinda Armstrong Hall, Christopher Bolton, Delphine Roussel, Harrison Tanner, Hallie Switzer

The Story: A story of bravery and the secret life of girls set in Northern Ontario during a hot and hazy summertime when adulthood has not yet arrived, but childhood is quickly vanishing.

The Review:
Sometimes cinema is about super heroes, flying cars, and big special effects and other times it's about two young girls beginning to discover who they might want to become in their little corner of the world. Director and writer Ingrid Veninger has created a beautifully written story about adolescence, innocence, and that point in every child's young life when adulthood begins to force it's way into what has otherwise been a carefree existence. The way she approaches topics like sexuality, relationships, and family is spot on how a child would view them, without fear or any sort of story leaving them completely open to exploration.

For the two young ladies at the forefront of the story, everything in the world is a wonder to explore and adulthood seems like such a confusing and far off concept and yet a constant flood of emotions and ideas keep popping up around every corner. Porcupine Lake is a very entertaining piece of cinema that a family could and should sit down and watch together as it's a great access point to topics that might not otherwise get explored in day to day communication.

Porcupine Lake is an official selection of the 2018 Portland Film Festival. coverage of the 2018 Portland Film Festival.

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