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2017 Recap - The Movies

Another year in the books and another top 10 list has been completed. It's always interesting to look back over an entire year of films and trying to create some sort of order to the chaos. Throw in the fact that I reviewed more movies this year than any of the previous six years(140!) and making decisions on which ones would make the list was tougher than ever. I hope you have a chance to see all of the movies I have mentioned in this recap, they are each special to me in their own way.

Below, you will find my latest annual recap of favorite films beginning with some honorable mentions, Flash's favorite movie, and finally the ten films I enjoyed more than any others over the course of the year. Thank you for reading.

Honorable Mentions:

Flash is my cat (pictured on the left). He likes movies. He really liked this movie. Kedi is a documentary about cats so of course he did. Honestly, Kedi is a fantastic movie. I wrote a review about it to tell you why. - Full Review

My Favorite Movies of 2017

Why did these ten films make my list? Each of the movies that made the cut moved me in various ways. Tears were shed during most of them, sometimes multiple times, and obviously for very different reasons depending on the movie. There was also cheering, laughing, clapping, gasping, and sometimes just pure, joyful, speechless awe at what was unfolding on screen.

10) What makes Landline truly special is the unexpected honesty that fills every moment and the whole thing is just a brilliant mix of laughter and tears that will leave you wanting to hug everyone involved. - Full Review

9) As a horror mystery, it is a solid effort, but once you throw in the elements of comedy and social commentary, which is really what this movie is all about, it gets elevated to an entirely different level of greatness. - Full Review

8) This is the action packed thrill ride you were hoping for and it has everything you would expect from the amazing Marvel movie machine that just keeps spinning an amazing web of cinematic masterpieces. - Full Review

7) An action packed story that is filled with drama, comedy, intensity, and historical significance. Jang Hoon's underdog story is an amazing adventure that needs to be seen. - Full Review

6) James Gunn has definitely upped the ante when it comes to how big and bold his story is and there's a very intentional effort in recreating some of the cheese and camp that we all enjoyed from classic 80's films like Flash Gordon and Battle Beyond the Stars. - Full Review

5) If all movies were this much fun, Hollywood's box office problems would be a thing of the past. It does so many things right and it just feels good, even when it's scaring you right out of your seat. - Full Review

4) Director Nattawut Poonpiriya has put together a nearly flawless film and we may just have a superstar in the making with Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying's breakout performance. - Full Review

3) The Shape of Water is a beautiful and stunning work of art and would be near the top of Guillermo Del Toro's impressive list of creations. - Full Review

2) Wonder Woman is an amazing movie that gets just about everything right and it goes a long way in showing that women can absolutely be represented in a powerful, positive, and successful way. - Full Review Favorite Movie of 2017

Coco is an absolute dream come true. Seeing Mexican culture brought to life on screen in such a beautiful and vibrant way is something I never thought I would see. Being half Mexican and growing up very American, if you will, I have never fully appreciated my heritage and most of the exposure I have had to it has been in the form of Hollywood stereotypes. Always the bad guy wearing the sombrero in western films or always the low rider driving gang banger. Or always Michael Pena.

Thank you Pixar for making this movie, it means so much to so many people. - Full Review

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