Wednesday, June 14, 2017

TwoOhSix Picks - Best of SIFF 2017

Another year of Seattle International Film Festival movies is in the books and it's once again time to figure out which were my favorite films and most beloved performances. This year, I had the privilege to watch over 30 films including six documentaries and 25 narrative features and there was no shortage of good options to choose from so narrowing it down was no easy task.

That being said, here are my picks for "Best of SIFF 2017".

Cassidy Gifford and Reiley McClendon in Time Trap
This year's pick for Best Narrative Feature was probably the hardest decision I have had to make since covering the festival and any of the films I have listed below would be worthy of the title. What stood out about Landline for me was just how honest and relatable the story and characters are and director Gillian Robespierre, who is also the recipient of my Best Director award, gets the most out of every single moment. It was an absolute joy to watch and I can't wait to watch it again.

Best Documentary Feature goes to The Farthest. Emer Reynolds does a fantastic job of capturing the sense of wonder and adventure that came with pulling off this historic achievement. In her own words: "The story of Voyager makes me very proud to be human and I'm hoping it makes Americans deeply proud to be American because they are the culture that dreamed it up and had the ability to do it. There is a value to science and in asking questions. There is value in discovery."

Best Narrative Feature: Landline

Best Documentary Feature: The Farthest

Honorable Mention:
At the End of the Tunnel
Come, Together
Mr. Long
Say You Will
The Bar
Time Trap

Best Actor: Leonardo Sbaraglia / At the End of the Tunnel
Leonardo Sbaraglia, a very highly respected actor in Argentina, delivers a powerful performance that accentuates the duality that desperation can bring out of a human being.

Best Actress: Katherine Hughes / Say You Will
This is one of those performances that you instantly fall in love with and want to watch over and over again. There are moments in this film where just the look on her face tells you a million things at once and all of the emotions come pouring out.

Best Director: Gillian Robespierre / Landline
What makes this film truly special is the unexpected honesty that fills every moment and the whole thing is just a brilliant mix of laughter and tears that will leave you wanting to hug everyone involved.

Voyager space craft in The Farthest
Thank you very much for following along during my journey through this year's Seattle International Film Festival. This is always one of my favorite times of the year and the memories of watching so many great films is an irreplaceable experience. Please support SIFF by visiting their theaters in Seattle, The Uptown and The Egyptian, and help them to continue providing art to our community.

Below is a list of the 33 movies I watched during the festival as well as the four film maker interviews I was able to fit into my schedule. Please click the links to check out my reviews!

The King's Choice
The Oath


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