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2013 Recap - Movies and Performances

Out of the movies I watched during the 2013 calendar year, these are the ones that affected me more than any other whether it be comedy, action, drama, fantasy, or any other genre. If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you should have a pretty clear understanding of how I judge movies which may not be typical when compared to other writers that take on this similar task of creating reviews.

If not, you may want to take a moment to brush up by looking at my past "Best of" posts where I discuss such matters in more detail. It's also an interesting way to see how I have evolved as a writer and creator of this website so there's that, too.

2013 turned out to be a very interesting year for me with lots of big action movies, some really great comedies, and a few really powerful dramas that featured some incredible acting. Of course, there were also a few movie that left me frustrated more than anything as I wanted to like them, but found myself really disliking the end result. You will find those listed at the very bottom of the page.

And now, without any further delay, here is the fifth edition of my annual list of the movies I have deemed to be my favorite as well as the acting performances that stood out over any others.

Most Entertaining Performances of 2013

Plaza goes all out in a truly hilarious performance.

Cooper again proves he's on top of his game.

Delivers one of the most powerful moments of the year.

Unrestrained by character limitations, Bale delivers the goods.

Bruhl is so good in this role and a wonderful surprise.

A rising star showing what he can do.

I just love how much fun she has with this character.

Highlight of an otherwise slow and uninteresting movie.

Always good, Thompson raises the bar to new heights.

Franco is so hilarious, I couldn't resist.
"Look at all my s**t!"

So much talent coming out of this young woman, it's ridiculous.

Quite possibly the performance of her career.

Don't underestimate this talented woman or her movie.

Breakthrough performance of the year.

You can't deny how good he was in this movie.

So amazing, Streep actually outdoes herself this time around.

Fassbender stands head and shoulders above powerful cast.

You have to see Jordan in this movie. So good!

Hawkins might have been the one thing keeping me from walking out of this movie.

Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips
The most powerful and emotional movie moment of the year.

My Favorite Performances of 2013

DiCaprio delivers in every way he possibly could. This performance should go down as one of the greatest of all time. Comedy, drama, power, passion, subtlety, and conviction. It's all here in one truly amazing performance.

To understand what Bullock went through to make this movie, you have to understand how it was made. Not only does she give an amazing performance, she does it under some of the most unorthodox and extreme filming conditions imaginable. Watch all of the behind the scenes features on the DVD and then tell me this wasn't the performance of the year.

My Favorite Movies of 2013
 "A non stop action movie that will have you cheering, clapping, and hollering at all the jaw dropping moments."

"From the top down, this is a first class production that can easily be enjoyed by both casual movie goers and Disney fanatics"

"A movie so packed with emotional punch, it will leave you as drained as the dusty farmland of Osage county itself."

"Will leave you emotionally drained yet inspired to seek out a cause to get behind. This is what good film making is all about."

"As a viewer, you are instantly drawn into this unique and dangerous world of speed, glory, and fame."

"The knife edge of insanity that this movie balances itself on is what makes it such a fun ride and may even inspire you to get out there and have a few (hopefully legal) adventures of your own."

"Russell is so good at taking a great story and plugging in actors that can really bring his characters to life in wonderfully unexpected ways."

"As I walked out of the friends and I couldn't stop beaming about how unexpectedly fun this movie turned out to be."

"Bottom line: Pacific Rim is a movie you absolutely must go see on the biggest screen you can possibly find."

My Favorite Movie of 2013
"Honestly, I fell in love with this movie after the first five minutes and, as the story played out, it just got better and better."

Honorable Mentions:



Best of SIFF:

Biggest Disappointments:

Thank you for checking out my 2013 recap, please feel free to comment below on whether you agree or disagree with any of my choices. Hopefully 2014 will be just as much fun as 2013 was!


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