Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cinerama 2nd Annual Sci-Fi Film Festival

The Seattle Cinerama has officially announced the lineup for their 2nd Annual Science Fiction Film Festival and holy wow it it packed full of awesome movies! Spoiler alert: Your head may explode from how awesome this festival is going to be. Proceed with caution.

From May 1st through May 12th, movie goers will be able to witness classic genre films like Flash GordonLogan's RunAlienThe Matrix, and Barbarella in the best movie house on the planet! Click the film schedule image below to see a bigger, more readable version.

Here's more information from the Cinerama website:

"Cinerama's Science Fiction Festival will feature the world premiere of Douglas Trumbull's short film, UFOTOG, along with over three dozen of the genre's most beloved movies. The festival runs for 12 days beginning May 1st and will also include celebrity appearances by Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes, Alien's Tom Skerritt, Flash Gordon's Sam J. Jones as well as Mr. Trumbull, an Oscar-nominated visual effects director.

Are you like me and want to buy all the tickets they have available? You can do it right now on the Cinerama website right now by clicking HERE! Spoiler Alert: They don't charge online service fees!

Never been to the Cinerama? Seriously?! Here's the lowdown on what the Cinerama is all about straight from their official website.

"It's a theater and an experience--a gorgeously restored mid-century gem outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology. It's the best place to see blockbuster first-run movies, cult classics, original Cinerama and wide-screen 70mm films, and the newest 3-D offerings. We also have the plushest seats in town and superb concessions. Paul Allen's vision for the theater is to continue offering a magical moviegoing experience to current and future generations and to maintain Cinerama's stature as a venue that celebrates the filmmaking arts of the 20th and 21st centuries."



  1. There is no genre,not a single one,that can offer such an endless scope of huge,ambitious ideas,essentially in light of the fact that ordinary genres have restrains that are set by the real world.With science fiction there are no restrictions, and anything is conceivable.

    Sue Houston.


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