Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Music Tuesday - July 23rd

Welcome to "New Music Tuesday" brought to you by Kat from MusicStreetlight.com! This week's post features new music from Kyle Andrews, Eric & Magill, Transplants, Selena Gomez and a whole bunch of other new albums you will definitely want to check out. Kat breaks it all down, shows you a few videos, and basically makes you wonder how you ever got by without her fun and informative input.

#NewMusicTuesday – July 23rd

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Kat

Leftover CutiesThe Spark & The FireIndie

Shirli McAllen (singer/songwriter) and Austin Nicholson (bassist/songwriter) began working together in 2003, but it would be over three years before they began their lives together as Leftover Cuties. It was, in fact, an impromptu jam session with Austin’s ukulele that led to the creation of the Cuties first song and the title track of their debut EP. Read a full review on Anchor Shop.

Recommended Tracks:
One Heart
All That Love

That was just the beginning!
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