Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Misdirected: Season 1 - Web Series Spotlight

Misdirected is the brainchild of director/writer/actress extraordinaire, Marion Kerr who has put in a lot of work on various TV shows (How I Met your Mother), feature films (Dark Skies), and short films (Far) over the last few years and now takes a stab at creating her very own comedy web series. Lauren Mora, John T Woods, Joel Kelley Dauten, Ross Phillips, and Erika Ishii all star in this innovative comedy series.

Freddie (Mora) has been in a car accident which has resulted in her having a serious case of amnesia. When she is eventually released to go home, her best friend Josh (Woods) is eager (almost too eager) to pick her up and reintroduce her to the life she has no memory of. As Freddie sees more of her world laid out in front of her, she begins to get the idea that the reality being presented to her by Josh and her other friends Cameron (Dauten), Gerald (Philips), and Melanie (Ishii) may not completely add up to what she believes might be true.

Interesting premise, right? From the first episode I was roped in by the mystery of a story that, while seemingly innocent on the surface, had a growing undertone of possible hidden agendas and details that didn't quite make sense. On top of that, this is a genuinely funny series of short episodes that are each as charming as they are perplexing.

Lauren Mora's (also an executive producer) confused and skeptical portrayal of Freddie is pretty much spot on as she never quite lets her guard down even when all she wants to do is accept what appears to be her life being laid out in front of her. Throw in the humorously energetic performances the rest of the cast brings to their characters and you can't help but have a good time watching this story unfold.

Big props to Marion Kerr for putting this all together and adding some very cool touches like the randomly atmospheric footage that plays under the closing credits and a special nod to editor Emily Chiu for putting together the "Previously on Misdirected..." mini intros that almost slap you in the face with quick flashes of the funniest bits that took place during each of the previous episodes.

Want to watch Misdirected? You can check out the entire first season as well as behind the scenes footage on the official website. CLICK HERE to go there now. Each episode is just a few minutes long so you could watch the entire series during your lunch break at work (So I've been told)! Finally, Lauren, Marion, and the rest of this crazy crew are attempting to begin production on Season 2 of Misdirected, but they need our help. Check out the Kickstarter page at the link below to check out pledge categories like "The Botz!" and "The Labyrinth Ball".

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