Monday, October 11, 2021

Poser - 2021 Nightstream Movie Review

The Movie: Poser

The Directors: Ori Segev and Noah Dixon

The Cast: Sylvie Mix, Bobbi Kitten, Rachel Keefe, Abdul Seidu, Nick Samson, Aujolie Baker, Amber Falter, Angela Jernigan

The Story: As Lennon fuels her desire for entry into a podcast featuring live music and conversations with the artists she so fervently admires, Lennon finds inspiration for her own musical ambitions...and a growing sense of misdirected identity.

The Review:
This was an interesting film for me seeing how the main character has a podcast where she shares interviews with underground musicians and I myself have a podcast where I share interviews with filmmakers. I guess that's where the comparisons between myself and the main character end for a lot of very obvious reasons. Still, this story takes a very interesting look at what might happen to a person when they find themselves part of the world they have previously only admired and emulated.

I am a big fan of the filmmakers utilizing local musicians, the story is based in Columbus, Ohio, both playing themselves in the movie and providing songs for the film's edgy and raw soundtrack. Musician, writer, and actress Sylvie Mix takes center stage in the lead role and boy does she make an impact with a strong debut feature film performance. She is captivating on screen and works very well opposite fellow Columbus singer Bobbi Kitten who can clearly command any stage or spotlight available. This duo isn't just the focus of the movie, they are the heart and soul of it and are key to the movie working as well as it does.

The one drawback to this film for me is that I wanted more. I wanted Lennon to go farther down the rabbit hole she creates for herself and for the intensity to be kicked up a few notches. That being said Poser is a solid exploration of friendship, identity, and authenticity in the world of underground music with a few twisted turns and twisted tunes thrown in for good measure.

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