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This is the official home page for the Diversity In Film podcast interview series. This project has been in the works for about a year and I am so excited to see it finally coming together. Diversity has been a bit of a buzzword when it comes to how inclusive (or not) Hollywood and the entire film industry has been over the years and these conversations explore that topic in a variety of different ways. These are the discussions that will create possibility.

I was so happy to be able to bring these two women on board especially since they have been working together on projects for the last couple years. Lynn Chen is featured in Go Back to China which was written, produced, and directed by Emily Ting who then joined Chen as a producer for I Will Make You Mine which is her directorial debut. Both had some really great insights into the topic of diversity and we were also able to speak at length about their film projects. Both episodes premiered on Monday, May 11th as a special podcast launch event.

Lynn Chen - Official Website

Go Back to China - Official Website
Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong - Official Website

Next up is Vivian Hua, executive director of Seattle's Northwest Film Forum, editor in chief of socially conscious arts publication Redefine Magazine, and a filmmaker in her own right. Vivian had some really interesting thoughts on the topic including what she referred to as equity in film over diversity. I was also happy to discuss her work with the Northwest Film Forum as the program leads the way in innovative and creative ideas for the film industry during a time when people aren't able to see movies in a theater setting. My podcast interview with Vivian is available as of Monday, May 18th.

Searching Skies - Short Film

This is a special bonus episode of the TwoOhSix Diversity in Film Podcast Series featuring the creators of Thousand Pieces of Gold, a groundbreaking film from 1991 that has recently been beautifully restored and re-released. On hand for the conversation are director Nancy Kelly, editor and producer Kenji Yamamoto, and the star of the movie, Rosalind Chao. Here in Seattle, you can choose to support the Northwest Film Forum as the theater you want to support with available screenings currently running through May 31st.

Kino Marquee Virtual Cinema

From the musical side of the entertainment industry comes LEX the Lexicon Artist whose brand of cerebral pop rap first caught my attention during a live performance at Emerald City Comicon. LEX released her new album, Alter Ego, just as the pandemic was shutting everything down so we were able to discuss the impact all of it has had on her as well as her take on the current state of Asian cinema. Her music has a very diverse sound and style and is tailored after early 2000's rap music which was a really fun and upbeat era for the genre. Watch for our conversation to be released on Monday. May 25th.

LEX the Lexicon Artist - official website

Side note number one: The music you hear at the beginning of each podcast episode on this series was provided by LEX and is an instrumental version of her recent hit, Party Hop. Check out the full song now on Spotify or you can buy LEX's album on Bandcamp.

Side note number two: One thing I hadn't realized until after I put together this schedule is that the month of May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and my first four episodes, all premiering in May, feature Asian American Women. Funny how things work out sometimes.

I have been friends with Isabella L. Price for about a year now and, If I'm keeping it real, I'm not even sure if she likes me and yet she still graciously agreed to join me on my podcast. Our conversations are always a blast and we often disagree when it comes to what makes a good movie but we always manage to find a common ground. Okay sometimes. Isabella is a Seattle based film critic, podcaster, and also hosts her very own variety show called Nocturnal Emissions in conjunction with the Northwest Film Forum. This was actually the first interview I did for this series and you will be able to listen to it on Monday, June 1st.

Isabella L Price - Official website

Whether or not you have heard of Don Hahn may depend on your level of Disney fandom. This prolific and award winning producer has been responsible for several films in the Disney catalog including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Maleficent, and several of the Disney Nature documentary features. One of Don's most recent efforts is a documentary about the life of songwriter Howard Ashman which will be debuting on Disney+ some times soon. Don and I spoke at length covering a wide range of topics and you will be able to hear all of it on Monday June 8th.

Don Hahn - Official website

Amie Simon and I have been crossing paths in the Seattle film scene for several years especially during the Seattle International Film Festival as well as working with together through Smarthouse Creative, the PR firm she currently works for. Amie also is an editor and writer for Three Imaginary Girls and her extensive knowledge of the film industry made for some great conversation as we were able to cover a wide variety of topics. Our podcast conversation will be available to listen to on Monday, June 15th.

Smarthouse Creative
Three Imaginary Girls
I Love Splatter

Tim Hall aka The People's Critic has been a long standing member of the Seattle film community and is one of the first people that I got to know as I stepped into that world. Tim's expertise in film points to genres like science fiction, horror, fantasy, and just about anything that was ever popular during the VHS era of the 1980's to the point where he has become an integral part of the ongoing Made in the 80's Podcast. Aside from his podcast work, Tim still writes reviews on his Seattle P.I. blog page. You can listen to our conversation about diversity in film on on Monday, June 22nd.

The People's Critic - Movie Reviews
Made in the 80's - Podcast

Erynne Hundley is a Seattle based lifestyle blogger, a writer, a reader, a film critic, a world traveler, and maker of delicious things. Things that I have unfortunately only ever seen pictures of on her Instagram. You might also be interested to know that Erynne was on American Idol for two consecutive years making it to the infamous Hollywood round both times/ As a long time fan of the show, I had to ask about the experience and she was kind enough to indulge me in some of those memories. At least as much as she is legally allowed to discuss. Catch the whole podcast interview on Monday, June 29th

Essentially Erynne - Lifestyle Blog
FF Black Label - Podcast

AnnaLynne McCord is an actress, writer, director and producer. AnnaLynne's leadership in speaking out on sexual assault and human trafficking led to her taking on the role of president at Together1Heart alongside founder Somaly Mam. Human trafficking is a cause I feel very strongly about having participated in fund raising efforts a few years ago so having an opportunity to speak with AnnaLynne about that and about diversity in film was an opportunity I am very thankful to have had.

AnnaLynne McCord - Official Website
Together 1 Heart 
The Love Storm

Thank you so much for listening to the Diversity in Film podcast series, putting it all together and having these conversations has been an incredible learning experience. I hope listening to it has been just as worthwhile for you. Stay tuned for more movie related podcast content coming real soon as well as a new interview series that is in the works. All I can say for now is that it will feature film makers who are pushing the industry in new directions.

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