Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Vast of Night - Movie Review

The Movie: The Vast of Night

The Director: Andrew Patterson

The Cast: Sierra McCormick, Jake Horowitz, Gail Cronauer, Bruce Davis

The Story: In the twilight of the 1950s, on one fateful night in New Mexico, a young switchboard operator Fay and charismatic radio DJ Everett discover a strange audio frequency that could change their small town and the future forever.

The Review:
Okay, so this movie is really good. The filmmakers capture that classic 1950's aesthetic perfectly from the costumes and sets to the dialog and super lo-fi tech and the whole thing feels like something out of the original Twilight Zone series. This is the type of scifi, fantasy, mystery, thriller story that is fun, engaging, and just a little bit scary although not in a way that jumps out at you. It's more the mystery and exploration into the unknown that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whoever decided that Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz work well together in a movie, especially a movie like this, needs a raise, an award, and some type of acknowledgement. Most of the first act is filled with some of the wittiest, snappiest, and just freaking brilliant dialog I have had the pleasure of listening to in quite some time. Horowitz plays Everett, a quick witted, fast talking radio host that has that special spark and gift that can win someone over before he completes his first sentence. McCormick's young Fay Crocker is paired up with Everett and the two are just magic together.

I think the most impressive thing about this movie was it's ability to hold the energy, fun, and intensity from start to finish. So many movies start out hot and then lose steam which is usually caused by getting bogged down in exposition or trying to find a way out of a story's beginnings.

The Verdict:
The Vast of Night is a quirky and fun throwback to times when excitement came from mysteries and the unknown and a sense of adventure that kept us glued to the TV on a Saturday night or reading comic books under the covers with a flashlight. This movie makes me happy.

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