Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Lighthouse - Movie Review

The Movie: The Lighthouse

The Director: Robert Eggers

The Cast: Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson, Valeriia Karaman

The Story: Two lighthouse workers in the 1890's drink, fart, argue, and fantasize about mermaids.

The Review:
I didn't like this movie. About halfway in, I wanted it to be over. The story was not interesting to me in any way. It wasn't intense, it wasn't scary, it wasn't engaging, and it seemed to go on forever without making any sense at all. A lot of people are liking the movie and that's fine, there is a lot for people to like. It is very artistic with a ton of depth and layers to the story that are there for you to take in if you choose to. I will say this. The cinematography is quite stunning and beautifully enhances the dark, dreary, and ominous nature of the story.

Both Defoe and Pattinson have moments of absolute brilliance mostly while delivering deranged and demented diatribes steeped in the speech and syntax of the time. Defoe has never been better and will deserve some consideration come awards time. Pattinson, who is now about as far removed from his sparkly vampire days, has cemented himself as a  more than credible leading man and will elevate himself even further as he takes over as the iconic Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the near future.

The Lighthouse is one of those movies you will either absolutely love or it will miss the mark entirely. Robert Eggers also created The Witch, another critically acclaimed film I did not like.

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