Monday, July 22, 2019 Podcast - Episode 003: The "InnerViews" - Olivia Loveridge: Producer of Here Comes Hell

Welcome to the Podcast! Episode 003 includes the second installment of the "InnerViews" segment which is a series of conversations with filmmakers that explore the inner workings of their projects from feature films to web series. These 20 minute conversations go in depth into the movie making process and shed light on the inner workings of taking a movie from being just an idea to getting it out and in front of an audience.

Olivia Loveridge: Producer of Here Comes Hell
You are about to listen to a conversation I had during the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival with movie producer Olivia Loveridge. Her new movie Here Comes Hell is a horror comedy that’s been playing festivals around the world and will be returning home to London in August to be featured in the 2019 Frightfest horror film festival.

On a side note, will be covering Frightfest this year so watch for more info coming soon both on the podcast and on the website. You can also check out my review of Here Comes Hell right here on

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Episode 004 of the Podcast which will be released on Monday August 5th. Details coming soon!

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