Thursday, July 11, 2019

Trespassers - Movie Review

The Movie: Trespassers

The Director: Orson Oblowitz

The Cast: Angela Trimbur, Zach Avery, Janel Parrish, Jonathan Howard, Carlo Rota, Fairuza Balk, Sebastian Sozzi, Joey Abril

The Story: Two dysfunctional couples end up fighting each other and an unexpected home invasion.

The Review:
Home invasion movies seem to come a dime a dozen now days and there are so many variations on the sub genre, I am always a bit skeptical when I see that a new one is on its way. From the very beginning, Trespassers shows that it isn't a movie you would label as typical or overly familiar. The story starts off with two couples spending the night in a rented house and soap opera style hi-jinks begin almost immediately all of which does a great job at informing the audience that these are not the most morally upstanding people you would ever meet.

Once director Orson Oblowitz is done slogging through the erotic novel twists and turns of the opening act, he really kicks things into high gear by throwing in a couple blood soaked shocker type moments that quite honestly caught me by surprise. There are some very keen moments of misdirection that make you think this movie is going to be one thing but then it becomes something else entirely. And then moments later, it becomes something else again all while maintaining the overarching home invasion theme that you were expecting in the first place.

The most recognizable name in the cast for this movie has to be Fairuza Balk who most will know either from The Craft or more recently the Ray Donovan TV show but in this movie, she was almost unrecognizable in the role she plays. At least for me, it took a minute but then I was like, oh wow, it's her! Sadly her appearance in the movie is fairly brief but she makes a huge impact during the time she is on screen.

Trespassers is a shocking, blood soaked thriller and a fresh take on the home invasion horror movie. I liked the twists and turns and it was interesting to watch a story unfold where no one is the super likable hero and everyone, for the most part, deserves what's coming to them.

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