Thursday, July 25, 2019

House of Hummingbird (벌새) - Fantasia 2019 Movie Review

The Movie: House of Hummingbird

The Director: Kim Bo-ra

The Cast: Park Ji-hu, Kim Sae-byuk, Lee Seung-yeon, Jeong In-gi

The Story: Seoul, 1994 -- in the year the Seongsu Bridge collapsed, 14-year-old Eunhee wanders the city searching for love.

The Review:
Brilliant. Just. Freaking Brilliant. This coming of age story is exactly what we needed right now. It is real, it is raw, and it is authentic. Kim Bo-ra's story of a young girl dealing with the ups and downs of adolescence is a real treat to watch unfold even as it runs you through just about every emotion possible. Also, Park Ji-hu is absolutely stunning in her debut feature performance.

I really can't say enough about this movie and how it just penetrates your soul in a very cathartic way and leaves you emotionally exhausted but with a feeling of absolute satisfaction. There is a lot going on in this movie and the emotions run hot, cold, and everywhere in between but never feels like it's doing too much or too little. Kim paces the movie very deliberately to let each moment sink in so you get the maximum impact and she uses space both wide and enclosed to accentuate the mood of each scene. What really impressed me most is just how relatable Eunhee is as we've all been there in each moment that she goes through and every new experience she has.

Every moment of love, loss, pleasure, pain, heartbreak, shock, abandonment, isolation, curiosity, belonging, friendship, and family, especially during the pivotal time of her young life, is everything we have all felt in some fashion or form. With Kim Bo-ra's direction and Park Ji-hu's natural acting ability, they have given us an authentic slice of humanity that will leave a lasting impression and will hopefully teach us something about ourselves in the process.

House of Hummingbird is one of the best movies you will watch this year. That's it. Nothing more needs to be said.

House of Hummingbird is an official selection of the 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival.

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