Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TwoOhSix Picks: SIFF at Shoreline!

The Seattle International Film Festival is celebrating its second year of screening films at Shoreline Community College. From May 26th to June 3rd, 26 different movies will be screened at the college's recently refurbished theater and I've picked the ones you do not want to miss.

Fermented is a fantastic exploration of one of the more overlooked, yet widely used, processes within the culinary world.  - TwoOhSix.com

TwoOhSix Pick
Ben Foster and Mark Dennis / USA

Time Trap is a great movie. Plain and simple. It's a well produced, fast paced ride through the science fiction genre that does so with an original story filled with imagination and a sense of undeniable fun. Please go watch this movie and enjoy the heck out of it. - TwoOhSix.com

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