Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RIP Roger Moore

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R.I.P. Roger Moore

Moonraker is one of my very first all time favorite movies. It was my introduction to James Bond. It had anything and everything you could ever want in a movie. There was action, suspense, shooting, explosions, car chases, boat chases, nefarious villains, beautiful women, evil henchmen, expendable extras, space battles, laser guns, comedy, romance, spies, gadgets, weapons, animals, space shuttles, and so much more.

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Roger Moore will always be my favorite James Bond. His run as the character is one of the most entertaining in so many ways, but mostly because he added a certain comedic flair that edged just a little towards parody, but never strayed far from the essence of being the iconic super spy who had a knack for saving the world...and getting the girl in the process. He was a hero and a Hollywood superstar.

Thank you Mr. Moore for helping to instill a love of watching movies that goes deep into my heart and soul.


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