Thursday, May 11, 2017

TwoOhSix Picks for SIFF 2017 Part 3 - Documentaries

25 Films for 25 Days of SIFF!

Over the course of nearly four weeks, the Seattle International Film Festival will feature 400 films from around the world and, since it would be physically impossible to watch them all, I am giving you a starting point with this list of the films that I am most looking forward to watching. The entire roster of films comes from 80 different countries and features 36 world premieres and 20 US premieres screening at venues all around the greater Seattle area.

To help make things easier, I have created four categories and each category gets its very own post.


This may end up being the most visually stunning film of the entire festival, especially if you are into NASA and some of the amazing things they have accomplished over the years. "This celebration of NASA’s Voyager space missions, which have traveled farther than anyone could ever have hoped, explores the magnificent machines’ designs, the men and women who built them, and the vision that propelled them into the future."

So important that we know how our food supply is being produced and GMO has become one of the most important acronyms of this era. "Documentarian Scott Hamilton Kennedy (The Garden) and narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson unfold the polarizing debate surrounding the use of GMOs."

Crazywise is a documentary that I am glad to have watched. The message of how mental illness is commonly perceived and categorized is very important for everyone to take in and consider and it was nice to see the subject handled so thoughtfully. I'm also happy to say that this is a locally produced project which was made possible by a successful crowd funding campaign so please go check it out.

Because who hasn't wanted to learn more about fermentation and the different ways it is used to create so many different types of foods and beverages. "Celebrated chef Edward Lee travels the globe on a flavorful mission to discover how and why the fermentation process is a staple of world cuisine, including how it adds “culture” to cheese, beer, bread, pickles, kombucha, miso, and more."

Flash is the official cat of and every year he selects one film that, to him, stands above the rest by presenting a "pawsitive" message in the most "purrfect" way. This year, he has chosen a film that explores a topic that is of the utmost importance to the animal kingdom and one that we should all be paying attention to.

"With the value of their tusks and horns skyrocketing in recent years, African elephants and rhinoceroses have been slaughtered at unprecedented levels. Photojournalist Kate Brooks digs deep in this scathing expose of the ivory trade revealing an animal-rights travesty as infuriating and eye-opening as that of Blackfish."

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