Sunday, April 9, 2017

Recap: 2016 Seattle International Film Festival

2016 was an interesting year for me covering the Seattle International Film Festival as I was out of the country for the first two weeks of the month long festival. Still, I was able to watch a decent amount of movies and even got in a few interviews which really turned out to be the highlight of my festival experience.

The Interviews:
Sand Storm director Elite Zexer
Tsukiji Wonderland director Naotaro Endo
Anacleto: Agente Secreto aka Spy Time director Javier Ruiz Caldera

The Reviews:
Complete Unknown
The Eyes of My Mother
The Love Witch
The Lure
Ma Ma
Middle Man
Morris from America
Sand Storm
Spy Time aka Anacleto: Agente Secreto
Tsukiji Wonderland
Under the Shadow

2016 Festival Favorite
Truman is an intimate and emotional drama that draws you in, holds you tight, and then lingers with you long after it ends. If you like to watch actors at the top of their game, Ricardo Darín quite simply gives one of the best performances of the year from any country or genre.

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