Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seattle Area Movie Theaters

Here at, we have a very discerning eye when it comes to selecting just the right movie theater to see a movie in whether its the latest big screen blockbuster or that little indie film that is only showing at one theater for a two weeks and then its gone. We have even broken down which theaters you should go to for the ideal IMAX experience and which theaters are faking the IMAX funk (CLICK HERE for details).

In addition to writing movie reviews for the last two years,  I have also been writing business reviews on including most of the movie theaters I have been to in the greater Seattle area. Below you will find a list of those theater reviews which are linked from their corresponding Yelp pages. This can be used as a great guide for everything from who has the best popcorn to which theater has the biggest screens and most comfortable seats.

Theaters listed alphabetically:


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