Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facebook Timeline

As I was sitting at my computer today, a notification popped up on my Facebook page stating I can now take a tour of the new version of my profile page and can also activate the Timeline feature now if I choose to. The first thing I did was hit activate even before taking the virtual tour since I had read some info on this Timeline feature and was already looking forward to its release.

The article below covers a presentation by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg where he covers a range of topics from the Timeline profile upgrade to the upcoming integration of services like Spotify and Netflix.

Check out this video from the Facebook YouTube page!

My opinion: This is really cool stuff!

After digging in to it for a few minutes, I was very impressed at how easy it is to go back in time to view photos and status updates as well as groupings of friend additions and birthday wishes. You can customize it however you like by making stuff visible publicly or going so far as to remove pieces of information altogether.

You also have the ability to pick a point in time and add a photo or other items to that particular spot in the overall timeline. This will be a very cool way of adding in things like those old high school photos that have yet to make their way on to Facebook and have them fit perfectly in to your personal history. Below is a picture of my Timeline Profile page so you can get an idea of what to expect:

I am very happy with this upgrade to the profile page and look forward to all of the other integrated features and apps as well. There will be a percentage of people that have concerns about privacy as more features are activated (articles you read from sources like Yahoo or movies you watch on Netflix can be posted, with permission of course, to your Facebook) although I don't see any issue this.

Everything from photo uploads to those Netflix movie postings are all controlled by you so people will only see what you want them to and for third party apps, you will be asked to opt in to the services before any information is ever posted.

Here is one more article that goes in to a lot more detail on Timeline and the other services I have touched on. New Facebook Timeline is all about discovery and explosive revenue growth

Please comment with your thoughts on this new Facebook feature, I'd love to know what you think.

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