Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As Luck Would Have It (SIFF 2012) Movie Review

This was a late addition to my SIFF schedule and I'm glad I was able to check it out. "La Chispa de la Vida" aka "As Luck Would Have It" is part drama, part comedy, part social commentary, and part satire which can really be a deadly combination if not done well.

Fortunately, director Álex de la Iglesia knew what he was doing when he took on such a complex story that ultimately revolves around a man that is down on his luck and ends up bottoming out with a steel rod stuck in the back of his head. That sounds strange, I know, but when you watch the movie, it'll make sense.

The highlights here are the acting performances by José Mota and Salma Hayek as Roberto and Louisa Gómez, a couple that has gone through some hard times but still manage to maintain their love for each other and some semblance of the family they are desperately trying to keep together.

What I really liked about the movie was how it went all out in poking fun at the media, politicians, businessmen, and well...basically everyone within the context of greed, abusing power, and taking advantage of that famous 15 minutes of fame we have all supposedly been promised.

On one hand, the story really makes you think about what you might do in an extreme, even life threatening situation knowing there was a chance at fame and riches if you can take advantage of the situation.

On the other hand, the same story contains a very intimate portrayal of love and loyalty between family and how adversity can bring you closer together. This unique combination is what really makes this a worthwhile film...oh and did I mention Salma Hayek is in it?

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