Friday, June 1, 2012

Kong Curling (SIFF 2012) - Movie Review

"Kong Curling" is a Norwegian movie that centers around a competitive curling team and the personal struggles they must overcome to maintain their reign as the kings of one of the world's most unique sports.

That may sound like a really odd backdrop for a gripping drama, but this tale is actually a comedy that has no shortage whatsoever of hilarious moments to go alongside what is actually a very heart warming story.

Atle Antonsen plays the role of curling super star Truls Paulsen who, after years of overly intensive training by his coach and surrogate father, has a nervous breakdown and is ordered by the courts to stay away from the game. Having been appointed a legal guardian until he is deemed fit to make his own decisions, Truls must lead a life filled with medications and, just sucks to be him.

After his former coach Gordon (Ingar Helge Gimle) is threatened by a serious health issue, Truls defies his guardian and the court order and reassembles his former team in hopes of winning the national curling championship and the prize money that goes along with it which will help save Gordon's life.

Within that basic outline of a story there are several hilarious sketches that manage to stay tied together by the great performances of the cast. Aside from Antonsen's bewildered yet determined take on the lead character, the other standouts include Jon Øigarden as Truls' teammate Marcus who is always looking for his next sexual conquest and Kåre Conradi who plays Truls' afro'd arch nemesis Stefan Ravndal.

I'll be honest, I have never watched a Norwegian produced movie before, but if director Ole Endresen's movie is a good example of what one could expect, at least from the comedic side of things, then audiences have a lot to look forward to. Watch the trailer and then try to honestly tell me you don't want to see "Kong Curling". I dare you!

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  1. Watched this the other day, totally great.


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